Waste water

Alufinish Italia can offer you products and solutions for the waste water treatment to improve the waste water quality and to respect the legislation and the environment. Due to increased environmental sensitivity and today’s legislative restrictions, most industrial plants which use water already have wastewater treatment plants. With our treatments you can respect the requirements and reduce your operating costs.


Alufinish Italia can offer you:

  • Organic or mixed coagulants and adsorbing agents.
  • Wide range of flocculants, available as powder or emulsions and in a large range of ionicity.
  • Specific agents for sludge treatment which help separate the water from the sludge particles.
  • Organic emulsion splitters.
  • Products to reduce the concentrated oil quantities by decreasing to the minimum the amount of water in oil
  • Wide range of Cleaning and Antifoamfor both preventive and curative actions.
  • Specific products for real chemical odor neutralization.