Use plant and equipments for Sale

Use plant and equipments for Sale.

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Second Hand Small Anodizing Line

Second Hand Small Anodizing Line

Used Anodizing Line

Cooling System for Anodizing Line


Use Anodizing Line  - immediate availability

The plant was built in 2012 and it was used VERY FEW TIMES! 


It's ideal for treatment of small parts and it's suitable for companies who wish to bring an anodizing treatment at home.

The plant is made by:

- 21 tanks (indicatively 3000x800x1300h mm); 

- Electrical control panel with PLC Siemens that allows the operation line in AUTO or MANUAL mode;

- 1 rectifier brand CAEV 20Volt 3000Amper;

- 2 cranes with DEMAG motor;

- 1 cooling unit brand CARRIER;

- 1 compressor for air insufflation in the tanks;

- 1 fume suction device;

- 1 tank 1000 lt for Chilled water;

- 2 pump for acids brand Savino Barbera;

- 2 pairs of photoelectric sensors;

- 2 exchangers for acid, brand Savino Barbera;

- 5 carriages for bars support;

- Titanium frames 

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Wastewater Vacuum Evaporator 

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