Metaldye Bordeaux A2LN

Metaldye Bordeaux A2LN is a dye in powder form and gives fast burgundy shade on aluminum, and basically used for production of cosmetic and decorative objects. Due to its good Light and heat fastness, it can also be used for exterior application.




Physical Form: Dry Powder
Appearance: Dark Blue Powder
Chemical Class: Metalized  azo dye
Light fastness: Very Good
Heat fastness: Very Good


Applicable condition are as:


Coating thickness: 10 - 25  microns
Concentration: 4 - 5 g/l
Temperatures: 55° - 60° C
pH range: 5.5 +- 0.5
Buffering: the bath must be buffered with 8 g/l sodium acetate tri hydrate, 0.4 ml/l acetic acid for pH 5.5
Time: 10 - 15 minutes. Depend upon the shade
Water Quality: preferably de–ionized




The dyed oxide film must be properly sealed properly using a hot sealing product, from ALFISEAL products range, for best result.

Other Recommendation:

1) Ammonium compounds shall not be used for controlling of the pH or to buffer dye bath solution.

2) The presence of ammonium compounds in the sealing solution may cause leaching and loss of color.

3) Use sodium acetate for dye buffer.

4) Adequate care to be taken for proper rinsing to control drag-in for optimum tank life.

5) Dye may be dissolved separately outside the dye bath. Use demineralized water for better dye bath stability.

6)  The life of dye bath is reduced by water containing ammonium.


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