Iron Coating


For the pretreatment prior to duplex coating systems there are also many special products available. By these products you obtain plenty of design possibilities and at the same time you make an important contribution to the protection of the environment..

Extract from our range of products: 

Alkaline degreasing

Alficlean 158

liquid, highly efficient cleaning product for use in immersion and spray plants

Acid degreasing

Alfideox 74 - Alfisid 14 
Alfideox 82 - Alfisid 14 
Alfideox 74 - Alfisid 16/3 
Alfideox 82 - Alfisid 16/3

liquid, acid and fluoride containing two-pack cleaning products for use in immersion and spray plants; special products for use with evaporator systems available 

Yellow chromating 

Green chromating 

Alfipas 725 

Alfipas 731

liquid yellow and green chromatings with improvement in corrosion protection;

No-rinse Systems

Alficoat 770 
Alficoat 771 

Alficoat 790 
Alficoat 791 

Alfipas 7816

liquid products, chrome containing and chrome free no-rinse and rinse systems for best corrosion protection performance