Iron and Steel Coating

Phosphating and Nanotechnology - manifold possibilities


Phosphating is still considered to be the classic process for the pretreatment of iron and steel surfaces prior to coating. We offer a variety of different products: conventional iron phosphatings, zinc phosphatings for a better corrosion protection, or low temperature systems for an effective reduction of line operation costs. 


But Alufinish looks to the future, and the future is Nanotechnology.


With the products Alfipas 7816 (Envirox SG) and Alfipas 752 (Envirox EP) we are able to provide high results of corrosion resistance up to now unreachable with the classical systems with 3 or 5 stages of pretreatment line.

With these new products, customers can increase their standardized quality without having to make major changes to the existing pre-treatment tunnel.


Extract from our range of products:


Alkaline degreasing

Ferroclean 7130/1 
Ferroclean 7135/1 
Ferroclean 7136/1 
Alficlean 158  

in powder form, emulsifying and demulsifying with extended bath life for spraying and immersion plants

Acidic etching and degreasing

Ferrosid 7015 
Ferrosid 7016/3

liquid additives which act as pickling and degreasing agents in combination with acids, e.g. for rust and scale removal


Ferrophos 7767/2 
Ferrophos 7768/3 
Ferrophos 7768/5 
Ferrophos 7777/1

liquid iron phosphating products for cleaning and phosphating iron and steel products by immersion or spray. Heavy metal-free and low temperature processes available depending on your application.


Alficoat 770 - Alficoat 771
Alficoat 790 - Alficoat 791
Ferropas 7810 

for temporary or long-term corrosion protection, for preventing rust staining during and after the phosphating stage, chrome-free formulations avialable.


Alfipas 7816
(Envirox SG) 


Alfipas 752
(Envirox EP) 

studied and developed to increase the corrosion resistance. Envirox SG is a system of passivation after a phase degreasing of the material. Alfipas 7816 can replaces common iron phosphatings.


Envirox EP is instead an alternative process to the conven phosphodegreasing treatment, is therefore able to clean and passivate the piece in the same phase!


Other products   corrective solutions, antifoam additives, detergent boosters and plant cleaning agents, flocculating agents for waste water treatment.