Hot Dip Galvanizing

Pre- and Posttreatmet Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG)

Longlife corrosion protection all over


The process of hot dip galvanizing provides a complete and long-year lasting corrosion protection. To get this corrosion protection perfectly you need an appropriate pretreatment: our alkaline and acid cleaners are well-suitable for this as well as special no rinse systems. Individual processes require individual solutions: we do offer them!


Extract from our range of products: 

Alkaline degreasing

Ferroclean 7135/1 
Ferroclean 7136/1

in powder form, emulsifying and demulsifying with long retention times for immersion plants 

Acidic degreasinG 

Ferrosid 7501/1 
Alfideox 7502 
Ferrosid 7505/1 

liquid cleaners and additives which act as efficient pickling and degreasing agents in combination with hydrochloric acid; reduction of acid consumption, residues and etching fumes. 


Ferropas 7578 

highly efficient liquid pickling inhibitor for hydrochloric and acid picklings in order to reduce metal removal