Alufinish Italia aims to revolutionize the traditional concept of pure supplier of chemical products for surface treatment of metals.    


For us, the sale of chemical products and accessories for painting, is not only a provider of products and it is not even a simple post-sale technical support.


It is much more: we want feel partners with our customer at all sides, offering visions at 360 °C, ranging from masking solutions, those on treatment, rather than the possible energy savings.


We believe that this structure is entirely consistent with what all the companies require at this time. 


At the same time, we think that this could favour an important evolution of this sector, allowing companies to return protagonists in the world of surface finishes.

For this reason, all our products are designed to offer new finishes (anodic oxidation), increase resistence to corrosion with chrome-free products for aluminium materials and iron (painting). We offer masking systems which are able to meet the most extreme needs and water treatment products that improve the quality of the water, saving energy and increasing the efficiency of processes in different areas of application.


Not only that, we serve with a lot of competence and ability the chemical stripping processes, an area not many unknown, but it can solve many problems for companies that need help. Our products are designed to remove all types of paint, without creating problems at the metal base, even in very short time, so it can be used with our system FaStrip, for processes of stripping in line.


Alufinish, chemical propierties!