Chrome Free

Chromefree no-rinse system ENVIROX NR (Alficoat 748) fulfills 10 years outdoor exposure test in Hoek van Holland.

Alficoat 748 meets requirements of GSB International in longterm corrosion testing

In 2001 the pretreated and powder coated aluminium panels and profiles were transferred to Hoek van Holland for 10 years outdoor exposure test according to GSB International requirements.


Evaluation in 2011 (July 2011) shows a filiform corrosion level of F < 0.1.


According to GSB International requirements (GSB QR AL 631, step 4) the desired value after 36 month of outdoor exposure should be F <= 0.4.


Together with the ENVIROX S system (Alfipas 745 - Alfipas 746) Alufinish is now able to supply another chromefree system which fulfills those longterm corrosion requirements.


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