Attractive design possibilities and long-lasting corrosion protection!

By perfectly formulated and adjusted products we provide favoured bright and matted finish 


From the degreasing of the surface to the sealing, from contact clamps via sealing plastic balls to the subsequent treatment for the anodized surface. From us you will get everything you need from one source.

With us aluminium becomes an efficient material, aesthetic and bright in form and function.


Alufinish – our name obliges! 


Extract from our range of products 



Alficlean 139
Alficlean 139/2 
Alficlean 153 
Alficlean 155 
Alficlean 160

mildly alkaline, in powder form or liquid, removal of polishing pastes; also borate free products available!


Alfideox 72-16/3

acid liquid for brighteening processes


Steinex 22 
Alfinal 204 
Alfinal 241 
Alfisatin 338 
Alfisatin 345 
Alfisatin 357

alkaline and long life etching and etchant additives for special application


Alfideox 75 
Alfideox 79

additives for sulphuric pickling baths

Brightening baths

Alfiflex 403 
Alfiflex 410 
Alfiflex 450 
Alfiflex 451 
Alfiflex 490

chemical brightening baths, electrochemical brightening baths and additives for satin and high-gloss surfaces

Anodising additives

Alfinox 502 
Alfinox 510

additives for improving temperature stability, layer thickness and dye-receptivity

Colouring products

Alficolor Gold 601 
Alficolor Gold 604 
Schwarz 612 
Alficolor 677 
Alficolor 680 
Alficolor 693 
Alficolor 697 
Alficolor 699

colouring agent for inorganic, organic and electrolytic colouring processes

Organic Dye Colours

Metaldye Yellow 101-I

Metaldye Yellow 110

Metaldye Yellow 120

Metaldye Gold 140

Metaldye Gold 141-I

Metaldye Gold 150

Metaldye Gold 200

Metaldye Lobster 210

Metaldye Orange 221-I

Metaldye Orange 230

Metaldye Copper 280

Metaldye Pink 291-I

Metaldye Red 301-I

Metaldye Bordeaux 351-I

Metaldye Violet 401-I

Metaldye Violet 410

Metaldye Violet 420

Metaldye Blue 501-I

Metaldye Blue 502-I

Metaldye Blue 510

Metaldye Blue 520

Metaldye Blue 530

Metaldye Blue 540

Metaldye Turquoise 551-I

Metaldye Green 600

Metaldye Green 601-I

Metaldye Green 602-I

Metaldye Green 610

Metaldye Greenish 650

Metaldye Greenish 660

Metaldye Bronze 700

Metaldye Brown 711-I

Metaldye Brown 720

Metaldye Gray 800

Metaldye Gray 810

Metaldye Black 910

Metaldye Black 920

Metaldye Black 940

Metaldye Black 945-MLW

Metaldye Black 960

Mataldye Black 980-I

organic dye colors at high performance level. 

Sealing products

Alfidip 918 
Alfiseal 934 
Alfiseal 942 
Alfiseal 969 
Alfiseal 984 
Alfiseal 982 + Alfiseal 961

products for cold and hot sealing processes and various water qualities

After care products

Alfiflon 39 


for hardcoated surfaces to reduce surface friction by forming a PTFE layer.

for the maintenance of anodized aluminium surfaces and for refreshing old objects (e.g. windows and doors)

Other products


foaming and wetting agents, corrective solutions, flocculating agents, antifoam additives, filter cloth cleaning agents