Aluminium Coating

Pretreatment of aluminium prior to coating

Perfect adhesion and long-durable corrosion performance


Conventionally chromated or passivated by environmentally friendly processes: our products for the pretreatment of aluminium prior to the coating process provide a longlasting paint adhesion. Either for wet paint or powder paint processes: rely on the great variety of our productrange and on our long-year experience and give your customer a longterm promise.


Alufinish – our name obliges! 

Extract from our range of products 

Weakly alkaline degreasing

Alficlean 139 
Alficlean 139/2 
Alficlean 144 
Alficlean 156/1 
Alficlean 157 - Alfisid 17/1 

powder form or liquid, for spraying and immersion plants

Alkaline etching and degreasing

Alfinal 251 - Alfisid 12 
Alfinal 275 - Alfisid 11 
Alfinal 275 - Alfisid 12

two-component cleaning systems for spraying and immersion plants

Acid degreasing

Alfideox 72 
Alfideox 82/3 
Alfideox 76 
Alfideox 101 
Alfisid 14 
Alfisid 16/3

combination products for cleaning and deoxidizing, liquid and automatically dosable


Alfipas 720 
Alfipas 721 
Alfipas 726 
Alfipas 731

yellow, transparent and green chromating

No-rinse chromating

Alficoat 770 - Alficoat 771
Alficoat 790 - Alficoat 791

polymer-containing 2-component no-rinse chromating products for various metal surfaces, subsequent rinsing technology not required

Chrome free products

Alfipas 745 - Alfipas 746 
Alficoat 748 

Alfipas 7816

Palternative conversion procedure to replace conventional chromating procedure, known as the "ENVIROX"-procedure, with and without subsequent rinsing technology

Other products


corrective solutions, flocculation agents, antifoam additives, filter cloth cleaning agents