Aluminium Accessories

Alupolish and repair paint systems

Everything for the care and cleaning of aluminium surfaces.  


Anodized surfaces are very resistant, highly robust and decorative. In order to preserve thedecorative finish for a long time, anodized layers also require care.

For this purpose, we recommend our anodized cleaner ALUPOLISH. This product has been used on the market successfully for many years and is approved by the Gütegemeinschaft für die Reinigung von Metallfassaden e.V. (GRM – Quality association for the cleaning of metal facades) (approval number 108a). ALUPOLISH makes possible the cleaning, care and preservation of surfaces in one work cycle. The slight scouring effect treats the surface with great care while at the same time achieving a good cleaning effect. 

ALUPOLISH is available in different package:

contents 100 ml (available in display cartons of 15 units each)

contents 750 ml (davailable in cartons of 6 units each)
bigger packages available on demand.


For the pre-cleaning of small anodized surfaces, special cleaning erasers with strong scouring effect are available. With this product, even tenacious impurities can be removed prior to ALUPOLISH use.

Cleaning erasers
size: 80 x 50 x 20 mm
in the granulations 120-medium and 240-fine
minimum purchase quantity: 15 pieces

Cleaning erases

Alficolor repair pens and sprayers for anodized surfaces

We recommend our ALFICOLOR repair pens for patching small scratches and colouring mitre cuts on anodized surfaces. Our ALFICOLOR sprayers are used in order to match metal parts to the 6 Euras colour shades. Repair pens and sprayers are available in the anodized colours C0 (silver), C31, C32, C33, C34 and C35 (champagne, light bronze to black).

High-quality acrylic enamels with excellent lasting properties serve as colouring medium.


ALFICOLOR  sprayers

contents 150 ml  
available in cartons of 6 units each
minimum purchase quantity: 1 carton

Alficolor Spryes


ALFICOLOR repair pens

contents 12 ml
minimum purchase quantity: 15 pieces

Alficolor Repairs Pens


ALFICOLOR PLR pens - for powdercoated surfaces

Repair pens for the colour identical repair of powder-coated metal parts. The PLR system consists of a transparent base lacquer (ALFICOLOR PLR pen) with a separately available lock-up plastic box into which the user fills the appropriate coating powder. This box can then be used as a transport box for the powder lacquer. Thus it is possible to apply an absolutely colour identical repair lacquer during operation or on a building site within very short time.

contents 12 ml
minimum purchase quantity: 15 pieces



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